Project Description

Patient BM (Age 63) – Worn Front Teeth Restored with Composite Veneers

Patient BM saw us after last seeing a dentist 10 years ago. His main complaint were his chipping and sensitive front teeth which had been wearing down as a result of night grinding. After an initial consultation and professional clean, BM’s teeth were restored to their original shape and size with 6 composite veneers in a single appointment.

These composite veneers are conservatively bonded to the underlying tooth structure with almost no preparation of the teeth. The lack of preparation preserves as much natural tooth as possible and limits the amount of drilling required. Following treatment, BM was given a night guard to prevent his new teeth from wearing down again. The sharp edges and sensitivity he was experiencing disappeared within a few days of the procedure.

These worn front teeth were easily restored with 6 composite resin veneers in a single appointment.

CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 (a nano-filled composite) was used to provide an aesthetic and natural looking finish which is indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth.