Project Description

Patient GK (Age 32) – Pain on Biting Due to a Cracked tooth

GK saw us after some initial sensitivity to biting. She indicated that her back left teeth were particular sensitive to cold water and intermittently to chewing. After being seen for an initial consultation it was noted that on of her molars had been previously heavily filled, had surround hairline fractures and had underlaying tooth decay as a result of leakage around her existing fillings. Early tooth decay and staining was noted on her adjacent premolars.

To protect her molar from future fracture, a full zirconia crown was placed following removal of all the underlaying tooth decay. An adjacent leaking filling was replaced with a conservative composite resin filling and her premolars were sealed to prevent future tooth decay.

Zirconia is a virtually indestructible, yet highly aesthetic material use to protect teeth from future fracture.

1 full zirconia crown, a single filling and 2 ultraconservative seals were placed in 2 appointments.

CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 (a nano-filled composite) was used to provide an aesthetic and natural looking finish which is indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth.