dental implant modelEat, speak and smile with comfort

From single missing teeth, several missing teeth or replacing an entire set of teeth, dental implants are the designed to look, feel and function like your own natural teeth.

For many, they are the closest replacement to real teeth which we have and are designed to allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Dentures and dental bridges were often used in the past to replace missing teeth. Often they provide a cheaper option, but they can severely affect a person’s daily function and quality of life.

Many denture wearers can relate to the following common issues:

  • denture looseness
  • food packing
  • need for the use of messy denture adhesives
  • sore spots
  • dropping dentures
  • reduced taste and enjoyment of food
  • gagging

Dental implants are a far better solution to these problems. They are more reliable as they are permanently fixed and provide a more nature feel when eating and speaking.

The Benefits

implant front tooth

Many our patients find replacing their missing teeth with dental implants comes with the following benefits:

  • Better looking smile
    Dental implants can address selfconsciousness and embarassment caused by broken down teeth or a gappy smile. Replacing missing teeth can also make you look younger by supporting the lips and cheeks properly.
  • Improve your confidence and your comfort
    Eat, speak and smile without worrying about loose and uncomfortable dentures
  • Speak better
    Implant fixed replacements are custom fitted to  your mouth to feel as natural as real teeth. This may improve your speech by eliminating full or partial dentures
  • Long lasting results
    With regular care, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants have a proven record and last for years when they are kept healthy and plaque free
  • Keeping your adjacent teeth healthy
    Bridgework and partial dentures use neighbouring teeth to support them which can lead to issues down the track. Implants eliminate by being self supporting by the jaw bone. You won’t need to sacrifice good neighbouring teeth to replace your missing ones.
  • Preserve your jawbone
    Successfully integrated dental implants stimulate the underlying bone and can prevent the shrinkage of bone after tooth extraction. They also eliminate the pressure placed on the gums by removable dentures.

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