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Best Health Fund for Dental Queensland 2018

Having a health fund, specifically extras cover, can be hit and miss for value for money. Whether you come out on top depends on how often you decide to use your cover and for what services. Extras cover, also known as 'general cover', can cover services including dental, optical, physio and other alternative health [...]

How long should you wear retainers after getting braces off?

So you have been to your orthodontist or dentist, had braces or invisible aligners and have been given a removable or fixed retainer. Here are some common questions we are asked by our patients. Why do I need orthodontic retainers? Orthodontic retainers are used to hold your teeth in proper alignment after orthodontic treatment is [...]

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How long do fillings last?

When discussing treatment options with patient a question that often comes up is “How long will my filling last?” While I have seen some fillings in service for 40 years I have seen others which have lasted less than a year; the answer does depend on a number of factors. Factors which can contribute the [...]

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I Have Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

Quite often we have patients who see us with concerns regarding tonsil stones they have developed. Most have had a tonsil stones for a number of months to a number of year but a common complaint we hear is the bad breath associated with them. In some cases there may be associated discomfort with the [...]

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Is There an Alternative to Flossing?

You may have heard all about it before, "You need to floss more". Yes, flossing can be time consuming and awkward, but it does get easier with practice. While flossing with string floss or dental tape is the "gold standard" for keeping in between your teeth clean and your gums healthy there are alternatives out [...]

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Sensitivity After a Filling

Experiencing sensitivity following a recent filling is a common experience for many patients following routine dental treatment. The sensitivity may vary in severity from person to person and from individual tooth to tooth. What are the symptoms? The symptoms can vary from sensitivity to pressure, biting, air, hot and cold foods and drinks, or to [...]

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Broken Tooth or Cracked Teeth

Broken or cracked teeth are a common concern that many patients turn up to the dentist with; it is issue dentists deal with on a daily basis. At Windsor Dentists, we can provide you with advice to manage teeth that at risk of cracking or breaking, and if already broken, provide you with treatment options [...]

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