Gappy Teeth? Discoloured or Broken Teeth?

Dental Bonding – An Affordable, Quick and Conservative Solution to Improving Your Smile

Dental composite bonding involves the application of tooth coloured dental material (composite resin) to repair or improve the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding has several benefits and is often the cheapest, quickest and most conservative dental cosmetic procedure.

What dental bonding can do for you:

  • Fix:
    • chipped teeth
    • decayed teeth
    • broken and fractured teeth
    • discolored teeth
    • uneven teeth
  • Improve the appearance of your smile by:
    • making teeth appear longer
    • closing gaps
    • making teeth appear more symmetrical
    • improve and change the shape of teeth
    • mask darkened teeth

Applying dental bonding to your teeth often is completed in a single appointment and can be combined with professional tooth whitening for an affordable and effective smile makeover. After initial photos and digital smile analysis, your teeth will be cleaned and prepared before the application of dental composite. In simpler cases, the entire procedure can be completed without numbing. Once the dental composite is applied and set with a special curing light, it is then shaped and polished allowing you to smile and eat straight away.

Dental Bonding Cost – Brisbane Cosmetic Dentist

Fees for dental bonding vary depending on your cosmetic needs, the number of teeth involved and complexity of your case. Most patients start with a consultation and smile analysis to determine the best approach to your concerns.

Dental bonding at Windsor Dentists starts from as little as $232 per tooth.

Interest free, monthly or weekly payment plans are available for more complex cosmetic cases.


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