Comfortable Root Canal Therapy in a Single Appointment

Root canal therapy (RCT) may be necessary when bacteria has entered your tooth, causing your nerve to become sore, inflammed or infected. It is a procedure that saves your tooth from extraction and saves you the expense of having a replacement, such as a dental implant or dental bridge.

While root canals are one of the most feared procedures however the procedure itself is often without pain and is quite comfortable. In most cases the pain associated with the term root canal comes from the condition of the tooth when patients initially seek treatment. When patients come in with a toothache, we will ensure that they are completely numb and the tooth is medicated before the root canal procedure is started. We have advance numbing techniques which ensure that the sorest tooth can be relieved of pain.

Advance Root Canal Technology at Windsor Dentists

While most root canals take multiple appointments to complete, the technology employed at Windsor Dentists ensures your root canal is completed safely, effectively, and typically in 1, and the odd occasion, 2 appointments. This saves you time, cost and significantly reduces the number of necessary appointments.

Our technology includes:

  • Use of single use highly flexible Nickle Titanium Rotary Files
  • Digital low dose scans
  • Electronic apex locator
  • Scientifically backed effective irrigation protocol
  • Electronic Pulp Testing to ensure root canal treatment is appropriate

If you are particularly anxious, we are also able to provide happy gas/Penthrox sedation during your root canal procedure.

Your root canal will be over quicker than you know it!

Root Canal Treatment Cost Brisbane

As a general rule, the cost of a root canal depends on the tooth being treated; the number of roots involved; and the complexity of your case. Each case is different, so without a direct assessment by your dentist more accurate fees cannot be given.

Our fee guide below gives an approximate fee that you can expect. Fees are subject to change and exclude fees associate with subsequent crowns and initial consultation/assessment fee.

Number of Roots (Tooth Type)Approximate Fee RangeItem Codes
Single Root (Incisors and Canines)$668 – $857 (typically crown not needed)022×3, 419, 415, 417
2 Roots (Premolars)$958 – $1148 (excludes fee for crown needed to prevent fracture)022×3, 419, 415, 416, 417, 418
3-4 Roots (Molars)$1248 – $1512 (excludes fee for crown needed to prevent fracture)022×3, 419, 415, 416×2, 417, 418×2


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