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Dental veneers are an option for patients seeking to improve the appearance of their smile, by altering the size, shape and shade of their teeth.

Using either custom fitted porcelain or hand sculpted composite resin, dental veneers are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. This means they are more conservative than conventional crowns and require less reshaping of natural tooth structure.

Dental veneers are able to mimic the natural contours and shades of real tooth structure as the material comes in a wide variety of layered shades and translucencies. Once placed, they can give the the appearance of a larger or whiter tooth, or mask dental flaws such as: chips, stains, worn edges, old fillings and visible gaps.

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Dental Veneer Procedure

Ceramic/Porcelain veneers take approximately 3 visits. After an initial consultation, dental moulds are taken to accurately plan your case and to ensure that you are a suitable candidate.

Porcelain Veneer Steps

At your first appointment, your teeth are precisely sized, shaped and prepared to ensure a perfect fit, before final moulds are taken by your dentist. These moulds are sent to our specialist ceramist to create your ideal smile, a process which takes about 2 weeks.

After a fortnight, we check the veneers for accuracy in their size, shape, colour and positioning. They are then bonded to your teeth using a strong dental cement before being polished to a natural finish. Additional adjustments may be required after placement.

Composite veneers only take a single appointment, unlike porcelain or ceramic. The veneers are directly applied by your dentist and does not require additional time for a specialist ceramist. Different shaded composite materials are applied in thin layers before being hardened by a special curing light. Once hardened, the resin veneers are polished to a beautiful and natural looking shine. This allows you to leave with an instant smile after a single appointment.

Resin veneers are an economical way to achieve a new smile, but they do require more maintenance and require more frequent replacement.

Composite Veneers Steps

Dental Veneer Cost Brisbane

Costs stated below should only be used as a guide as treatment may vary from case to case. Your dentist will discuss your procedure and full cost breakdown following a proper consultation based on your individual needs.

Additional costs may include: diagnostic impressions for planning; gum lifts or gum sculpting procedures; and protective night guards.

Item codes have been provided for health fund purposes. Please contact your fund for rebate levels as these may vary.

Porcelain Veneer Costs

Single Veneer2 Veneers4 Veneers6 Veneers8 Veneers
Approximate Fee Range
Health Fund Item Codes

071×2, 074


071×2, 074



071×2, 074



071×2, 074



071×2, 074



Composite Resin Veneer Costs

Single Veneer2 Veneers4 Veneers6 Veneers8 Veneers
Appt 1 – Preparation and Bonding
Appt 2 – Review
Total Fee For Procedure$497$988$2344

(inc. protective custom night guard)


(inc. protective custom night guard)


(inc. protective custom night guard)

Health Fund Item Codes









Payment Plans for Veneers

Yes, we do offer payment plans to make your procedure affordable if you cannot afford the services straight away.

Payment plans can range from $45 to $160 per week. We also have the option of lay-by and provide reduced fees for full upfront payments at the start of procedures.

Your Initial Consultation

A 40 minute consultation is your start to a new and better smile.

Your visit with the dentist will ensure that your teeth and gums are suitable for the procedure, screen you for oral cancer and any other oral health issues which may affect the veneer process. This may involve moulds and xrays of your teeth and gums.

To be suitable for dental veneers:

  • Have healthy and sufficient enamel for proper bonding
  • Have good gum health, a good diet and overall be in good dental health
  • Be committed to proper oral care and hygiene, including regular dental checks and cleans.
  • Have specific cosmetic goals along with realistic expectations. (It is sometimes best to bring in a photo of yourself smiling along with an ideal picture of what you would like to achieve to help in the planning process

Consultation costs:

A comprehensive consultation costs $95. Additional costs may be needed for moulds and xrays, if required.

Health funds will typically cover 100% of consultation costs. There are no out of pocket expenses for an initial appointment for patients with health funds. Claimable item codes are 011, 022×2, 071×2, 072, 073.

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Did you know:

~50% of people think a smile is the most memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time

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