reasons for dental extractionWhy Tooth Extractions are Sometimes Necessary?

Teeth are a important part of the body helping you to chew and smile for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances when they can no longer be saved despite our best efforts e.g. infection, severe tooth decay, trauma. In these cases, a dental extraction may be needed to ensure further infection does not occur followed by replacement of the missing tooth.

Other reasons for having a tooth removed include:

  • To relieve Severe Dental Crowding – this is often in combination with orthodontic treatment (braces or clear aligners)
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth – to ensure you don’t end up with repeated gum infections or damage to the adjacent molars

What Can I Expect When I Have My Tooth Out? I am Anxious

Many patients are anxious about having a damaged tooth removed and we understand you may be nervous about the procedure.

We always ensure the procedure is completed painlessly, quickly and safely and have happy gas/Penthrox available for nervous patients. All teeth removed are completed with full local anaesthetic to the area and we are able to prescribe additional medication if you are unable to sleep the nights prior to your procedure.

The process of removing the tooth is often very quick and it is likely to be over before you know it. Sometimes stitches may be needed to ensure quicker and more comfortable healing

While most patients experience little discomfort after the procedures, others may require paracetemol/ibuprofen for pain relief. In cases of severe discomfort, we are able to prescribe stronger medication.

Replacing Your Missing Tooth/Teeth

A missing tooth acts like a missing wheel on a truck; it causes the other teeth to be overloaded and accelerates damage and wear to your remaining teeth. Over time, your neighbouring teeth will shift; the supporting bone will disappear and further dental issues will arise.

If you have lost a tooth or are already missing several teeth, we are able to provide you with solutions to allow you to eat, speak and smile completely and comfortably.

Our teeth replacement procedures include:

If you need more information about having a tooth removed or are anxious patient, speak to our dental team on 07 3357 4177 today.

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