If you have had a previous crown that has chipped, have a broken tooth or looking for the best type of crown for back teeth, our zirconia crowns may be the ideal material for you.

Our zirconia crowns are precisely and accurately custom milled from a solid block of zirconia by a computer. After being baked and individually stained to achieve a natural look, they are baked at high temperature to form a crown that is lifelike and virtually indestructible.

So why do we recommend zirconia crowns for back teeth?

How Strong Are Our Zirconia Crowns?

Watch the video on the left to see how a porcelain fused to metal crown fairs against a zirconia crown

What Other Types of Crowns Do We Provide?

We typically recommend Emax porcelain crowns for front teeth. Emax crowns are known for their natural translucency which allows them to mimic the transmission of light or a real tooth. They are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth and are bonded to your tooth to reduce staining around the edges and prevent them from dislodging.

Read about our Emax crowns here

If you are looking for the material with the best proven record (several hundreds of years) full gold crowns may be the best option for you. Gold is well tolerated by the body and can be made into very thin crowns. They wear similarly to natural tooth and are”gentle” on your opposing teeth, especially in grinders.

Read about our Full Gold Crowns here

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