Do you have old, leaking silver fillings?

Did you know you now have a choice with regards to the fillings placed in your mouth and that you can choose better, biocompatible and conservative restorations?

amalgam replacement before and after

Amalgam, also known as silver fillings, have been around for more than 100 years, but over time have shown to have several disadvantages. Unlike modern dental materials like white porcelain and composite resin, silver fillings have several concerns:

  • the do not bond to tooth structure – meaning more healthy tooth structure needs to be removed to “lock-in” your filling mechanically, rather than conservatively bonded to your teeth
  • they are unaesthetic and they aren’t tooth coloured – very few people like the appearance of teeth filled in with grey or dark fillings
  • they stain surround teeth – not only do they darken a smile, the metal ions leech into the surround tooth structure causing further staining
  • they crack teeth – over time amalgam fillings expand and contract as they are metal. This expansion and contraction eventually leads to fracture lines and broken teeth over decades of chewing
  • they leak – with constant use, amalgam fillings will eventually chip at their margins allowing for the ingress of bacteria. With time the margins will further degrade and allow for tooth decay to occur underneath these fillings
  • many patients are concerned about the potential health risks associated with these old types of fillings

You now have a choice to have your silver fillings replaced

We are an amalgam free practice. We provide safe amalgam removal and replacement with either composite resin bonding or porcelain restorations to give you better looking and healthier teeth.

amalgam replacement before and after

Our protocol, includes:

  • Use of safety protective equipment including safety glasses and masks to filter amalgam vapour
  • Use of rubber/dental dam over the mouth to catch amalgam particles
  • Use of high speed evacuation and amalgam separators to ensure safe disposal of dental amalgam
  • High water spray to minimise amalgam aerosols from occurring
  • Large surgeries to ensure adequate airflow and ventilation during your procedure

If  you are concerned about your silver fillings and are looking to have them removed and replaced, give us a call on 07 3357 4177 today and speak to our gentle and experienced dentists.

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