We actively understand that coming to the dentist may be an anxious experience for some. For this reason we offer safe sedation using either gas or oral medicines for any procedure

Gas/inhalation sedation

To ensure that you have the highest level of comfort, we use the Penthrox inhaler (green whistle/happy gas alternative) to relieve both anxiety and pain.

Many of our patients have found the inhaler to be extremely effective in calming nerves and have reported a “warm, floating and relaxed” sensation only after on 6-8 breathes. The inhaler takes effect rapidly and is effective for all dental procedures; from routine fillings to surgical wisdom teeth removal.

The great thing about Penthrox that you are able to control your own level of sedation while remaining safely able to communicate with your dentist. The gas leaves your body quickly after the procedure without drowsiness and side-effects.

It is also cost effective as a procedure with Penthrox sedation is only an additional $100.

Oral Medicines

If you are particularly anxious the night before or of the morning of your procedure, we are also able to prescribe you medicine (e.g. Diazepam/Valium) to reduce your anxiety and help you sleep easier the night before. The medication is effective in producing sedation and can be combined with Penthrox if necessary.

To ensure you feel calm and relaxed we vary the prescription of the medication based on the level of your anxiety; your previous experience with the medication; your body type and how quickly your body may break down the medication.

If you are prescribed oral medication there are a few things to be aware of:

  • you will need someone to take you to and from your appointment
  • you will need to avoid operating heavy machinery
  • alcohol must be avoided before and after your procedure

For more information on oral sedation, please click here or here for information from the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration.

We can help you if you are anxious or worried

If you are anxious or nervous about your dental appointment, just let one of our friendly staff know when you make your appointment or ask our dentists when you have your consultation or prior to your procedure. We look after many anxious patients, so we have you covered.

For further information or to make an appointment contact our staff on 07 3357 4177.

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