If you are anxious or worried about seeing a dentist or haven’t been to one in a long time because of fear, then you aren’t alone

We understand this, so we’ve thought about what we come across most often and done our best to find ways to help.

1) Worried about pain

Whilst obviously we can’t promise there won’t ever be any discomfort, we can assure you that we take measures to make your visit as easy as possible:

  • We always use numbing cream before placing anaesthetic. This reduces the sting.
  • If you have sensitive teeth or sore gums, we can place a desensitiser on your teeth before professional cleans. If you would like us to numb you up, we can do that as well.
  • We always check that you are numb before starting on a procedure. If you need more numbing, we are glad to add more anaesthetic to ensure the discomfort is minimised. You have complete control.
  • We use pain distraction techniques. The ‘gate control theory’ provides natural pain relief by confusing your body’s own nerves through distraction.
  • If you don’t like the sounds, you can ask us to put on the TV or some music, or bring in your iPod.
  • If that doesn’t allay your fears we can prescribe medication or give you a happy gas inhaler so you’ll be totally relaxed.

2) Worried about getting lectured

If you’re worried that you may be embarrassed by what we find about your teeth or being lectured then don’t be. We will listen to you without criticising, judging or lecturing. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not having dental treatment done in the past or ignoring the recommendations of previous dentists. Instead, we want you to be open to us about your previous experiences to allow us to understand and make things better.

We are here to help you, not to make you feel bad.

3) Worried about bill

We understand that for many people, cost can be a barrier to dental treatment. We are not the cheapest dentist, nor are we the most expensive. We focus on providing good VALUE. You can be assured we don’t cut corners or use cheap materials that compromises your dental care. At the same time, you can be assured that we only recommend appropriate treatment options and that we we will work together to find the one that suits you most.

We believe in in ‘doing it once and doing it well’, as the worst thing to see is patchy dental work that doesn’t last and costs more in the long run.

If you are in need of dental care, then don’t delay. Putting things off never makes it better, and sadly, the treatment for it becomes more complicated, more extensive and more expensive.

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