A Lasting Solution to Chipped, Broken or Heavily Filled Teeth

Do you have teeth which are heavily filled with large silver (amalgam) fillings or teeth which are cracked or broken. Or, have you been suggested a crown by your dentist? Dental crowns offer a long lasting solution for teeth which are broken, chipped or cracking and are a durable replacement for large silver fillings.

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What are Dental Crowns?

dental crowns before and after

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration which are use to protect heavily filled teeth from breakage and to restore broken down teeth which are structurally weakened. They can also be used aesthetically to correct the shade of discoloured teeth.

They protect your teeth by completely covering your damaged tooth structure allowing you to eat comfortably and confidently, without the fear of breaking your teeth.

Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns take 2 visits. At your first appointment, your teeth are cleared of tooth decay and all existing filling material is replaced before final moulds are taken by your dentist. These moulds are sent to our specialist ceramist to create your protective crown, a process which takes about 2 weeks.

dental crowns steps

After a fortnight, we check the crowns for accuracy in their size, shape, colour and positioning. They are then bonded to your teeth using a strong dental cement before being polished to a natural finish. Additional adjustments may be required after placement.

Dental Crowns Cost Brisbane

Costs stated below should only be used as a guide as treatment may vary from case to case. Your dentist will discuss your procedure and full cost breakdown following a proper consultation based on your individual needs. Additional costs can include: endodontic therapy, gum surgery, consultation and necessary radiographs/scans etc…

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Item codes have been provided for health fund purposes. Please contact your fund for rebate levels as these may vary.

Dental Crowns Costs

Single Crown2 Crowns3 Crowns4 Crowns5 Crowns6 Crowns
Appt 1 – Preparation$839$1596$2268$2856$3360$3813
Appt 2 – Cementation$839$1596$2268$2856$3360$3813
Total Fee For Procedure$1680$3192
(5% fee reduction)
(10% fee reduction)
(15% fee reduction)
(20% fee reduction)
(25% fee reduction)
Health Fund Item Codes


627 x2
618 x2

627 x3
618 x3

627 x4
618 x4

627 x5
618 x5

627 x6
618 x6

Payment Plans for Crowns

Yes, we do offer payment plans to make your procedure affordable if you cannot afford the services straight away.

Payment plans can range from $45 to $160 per week. We also have the option of lay-by and provide reduced fees for full upfront payments at the start of procedures.

Precious Gold Crowns Brisbane

Yes, we are able to place high carat precious gold crowns upon request. Precious gold has been used in dentistry for almost 4000 years and provides some of the longest and durable crowns. They are also a symbol of wealth and luxury. We have had some patients who have had gold dental work last more than 20 years.

While a special request, we have completed many cases in precious gold. Please be aware such cases may incur additional costs for the cost of precious gold.

High Carat Precious Gold Crowns

Custom High Carat Precious Gold Crowns

Protect your broken and cracked teeth today!

All crowns at Windsor Dentists are crafted and hand finished in Australia by local dental ceramists.

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