mini implants vs conventional implantsSnoring or Diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea?

Looking for an Alternative to the Noisy CPAP Machine?

Snoring affects approximately 40% of adults and can be a sign of more serious sleep apnoea.

While snoring can be disruptive to relationships, underlaying obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is related to other serious health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Not everyone who snores has OSA, but research indicates that if you snore, you have 7x risk of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Common signs of sleep apnoea include:

  • Waking up feeling tired or unrefreshed
  • Waking up choking or gasping for air
  • Tiredness during the day or excessive sleepiness
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory loss

CPAP Machine Alternatives

Many patients who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea are often prescribed CPAP machines which mechanically force air into the lungs during sleep. This ensures that the respiratory tract remains open and adequate air enters the lungs.

While CPAP machines are very effective in addressing OSA, many patients have common complaints including:

  • Noisiness from the machine
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Dry mouth or stuffy nose
  • Feeling claustrophobic
  • Uncomfortable forced air
  • Pressure from the CPAP mask

Anti-snore or OSA oral devices are an effective and non-invasive alternative to CPAP machines in cases of mild to moderate sleep apnoea or in cases of snoring without apnoea.

How do Anti Snore / Sleep Apnoea Devices Work?

Snore and sleep apnoea devices are are custom fitted appliances which are worn during sleeping. They either function to pull the tongue forward during sleep, preventing it from falling backwards and obstructing the flow of air into the respiratory tract. The devices either position the lower jaw forwards indirectly pulling on the tongue, or directly attach to the tongue. These types of devices are often reported to be more comfortable and tolerated by our patients.


If you snore; are concerned that you suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnoea; or have a CPAP machine and would like to consider more comfortable alternatives, give us a call on 07 3357 4177 today for a consultation with our experienced dentists.

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