Project Description

Patient RJ (Age 48) – Full Mouth Reconstruction & Tooth Decay

RJ saw us regarding her broken and decayed teeth which were in a state of disrepair. She was embarrassed to smile and she had been previously advised that she would need to lose all her top teeth due to the damage.

Thankfully she was able to keep all her teeth except for a lone wisdom tooth.

After proper control of her tooth decay, her upper teeth were restored to proper function with 9 Emax aesthetic, long lasting porcelain crowns and a single zirconia crown at the back for strength.

Her lower teeth were restored with a single zirconia crown with a single zirconia crown and 3 conservative white fillings.

Her missing lower teeth will be eventually replaced with implant retained crowns.

Following treatment, RJ was able to eat and smile confidently without the worry of her teeth breaking and without sensitivity. This is all after a lifetime dental problems and patchwork dentistry.

CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 (a nano-filled composite) was used to provide an aesthetic and natural looking finish which is indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth.