Project Description

Patient DT (Age 38) – Replacing Stained Resin Fillings with Porcelain Veneers

DT saw us with concerns about the composite resin fillings that she had previously had done on her front teeth. While looking great initially, the resin restorations discoloured over a period of 5 years (the typical lifespan of resin veneers) due to wear and tear and sources of staining in her diet.

She was looking for way to whiten her smile, prevent future staining and improve the longevity of her dental work.

DT underwent a single round of tooth whitening (2 weeks) before having her resin fillings replaced with custom 6 porcelain veneers over 3 appointments. The thin veneers crafted by our expert ceramist are stain resistant, longer lasting and offer a quick way to lighten and improve the appearance of your teeth.

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