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Our Fee Schedule for Common Dental Procedures

Estimate Fee Guide

The fee range shown below this section will depend on whether you are part of a health fund and your level of coverage. All fees stated are estimates and do not include any discounts given by your health fund.

Consultations / Examinations

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
011Comprehensive Examination / Consultation$50$65
015Extended Consultation (more than 30mins)$80$100

Imaging & Radiography

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
022Intraoral radiograph – per xray$40$50
037Panoramic radiograph (Bulk Bill Referral)

Other Diagnostic Services

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
061Pulp testing$28$35
071Diagnostic models$55$70
072Photographic records – intraoral$37$48

Preventative, Internal Bleaching and Mouthguards

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
111Removal of plaque and/or staining$73$91
114Removal of calculus$141$153
116Enamel microabrasion$65$89
117Internal bleaching (per tooth)$208$250
121Topical Fluoride Application$20$24
161Fissure sealant$55$70

The fee range shown below this section will depend on your specific case, materials used, laboratory selected and the complexity of your treatment. All fees stated are estimates and do not include any discounts given by your health fund.

Gum Care & Periodontics

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
213Treatment of Acute Periodontal Infection$85$145
250Periodontal Therapy (per quadrant)$335$351

Extractions & Surgical Procedures

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
 311 Removal of tooth or part there of $140$200
 314 Sectional removal of a tooth or parts thereof $195$320
 322 Surgical removal of a tooth $230$360
 323 Surgical removal of a tooth requiring bone removal $270$420
 324 Surgical removal of a tooth requiring bone removal and tooth division $330$550

Root Canal Procedures & Endodontics

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
411Direct Pulp Cap$50$70
415Preparation of Root Canal – single canal$260$310
416Preparation of Root Canal – each additional canal$130$165
417Root Canal Obturation – single canal$260$310
418Root Canal Obturation – each additional canal$130$165
419Emergency Pulp Removal$190$225

Resin Restorations (White Fillings)

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
521Anterior (Front Tooth) – 1 surface$130$170
522Anterior (Front Tooth) – 2 surfaces$150$205
523Anterior (Front Tooth) – 3 surfaces$180$245
524Anterior (Front Tooth) – 4 surfaces$220$305
525Anterior (Front Tooth) – 5 surfaces$250$370
531Posterior (Back Tooth) – 1 surface$140$175
532Posterior (Back Tooth) – 2 surfaces$170$220
533Posterior (Back Tooth) – 3 surfaces$190$290
534Posterior (Back Tooth) – 4 surfaces$230$340
535Posterior (Back Tooth) – 5 surfaces$260$430

Porcelain Restorations (Ceramic White Fillings)

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
551Porcelain Restoration – 1 surface$440$650
552Porcelain Restoration – 2 surfaces$700$990
553Porcelain Restoration – 3 surfaces$990$1980
554Porcelain Restoration – 4 surfaces$1190$1280
555Porcelain Restoration – 5 surfaces$1100$1390

Dental Veneers & Other Restorative Procedures

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
577Cusp Cap$30$40
578Restoration of Incisal Corner$30$40
582Veneer – Composite Resin$300$450
583Veneer – Porcelain/Ceramic$1100$1250

Crowns & Bridges

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
613Crown – non-metallic (porcelain/ceramic)$1580$1690
615Crown – veneered$1580$1690
618Crown – metallic (gold)$1580$1690
625Post & core for crown$390$490
627Preliminary restoration for crown$190$230
643Bridge pontic – per tooth$1190$1350
645Precision or magnetic attachment$250$340
651Recementing of crown or veneer$110$190

Dental Implants

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
661Fitting of Implant Abutment (per abutment) $1000 $1200
663Removal of implant $300 $500
665Prosthesis with resin base attached to implant – per arch $1000 $1200
666Prosthesis with metal frame attached to implants – per arch $1200 $1300
668Fixture or abutment screw removal and replacement $180 $250
673Full crown attached to osseoinegrated implant $1600 $1800
678Diagnostic template $320 $400
679Surgical guide for implant $360 $4440
684Surgical placement of endosseous implant $1850 $2200
6912nd Stage Surgery – Surgical placement of endosseous implant $500 $700

Dentures, Denture Repairs & Relines

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
711Complete/Full Upper Denture$1200$1290
712Complete/Full Lower Denture$1200$1290
719Complete/Full Upper & Lower Denture$2500$2600
721Partial resin (plastic) denture$700$990
727Partial metal framed denture$1250$1450
751Denture reline$220$260
753Cleaning and Polishing of Existing Denture$43$64

Invisalign & Orthodontics

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
811Passive removable appliance e.g. retainer or space maintainer$240$300
825Sequential plastic aligners (Invisalign/Clear Correct) – per arch$3000$4000

Other Procedures & Services

Item NumberDescriptionFromTo
911 Palliative care$70$90
943 Sedation (Penthrox/Nitrous Oxide) – per 30 min$90$110
965 Occlusal Splint / Custom Night Guard$390$550
984 Sleep Apnoea / Custom Anti-snoring device$1100$1200

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